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Optimal Solution

Bloom is a health insurance solution for both single employers and groups/associations. With Bloom, you can develop a multi-year approach to controlling healthcare costs. We don't force you into one cookie-cutter box; instead we have developed two different products that account for different needs.

Bloom Basic is just that. It is a simple, no-frills approach that provides medical stop-loss and benefits coverage in a captive structure. Bloom Plus is for employers looking to take it a step further and create a holistic program aimed at total population health, with more bells and whistles than Bloom Basic.


  • Benefits coverage

  • Best in class medical stop-loss

  • Captive management

  • Program & actuarial services

  • Legal services

  • Auditing services

Everything in Bloom Basic, Plus:

  • Care management

  • Disease management

  • Pharmacy benefit management

  • Health analytics

  • Preferred major national TPAs

  • Preferred health plan designs

Bloom Plus vetted partners include Accolade, Sprinbuk, QBE, Tokio Marine and more.

How to Choose?

We will work with you to determine the best path forward, which may depend on your risk appetite, risk profile, population, and other factors. Both Bloom products are ideal for companies with between 100 and 5,000 employees who are looking for a long-term solution for rising health insurance costs. No matter which direction you take, you can expect the following:

Cost Savings

- Price sustainability
- Eliminate carrier profit

- Investment return

- Lower reinsurance costs

Tools & Services

Platform purchasing with access to better tools at lower costs.

Crowd with Masks

Fight unpredictable situations like COVID-19

Game Strategy Plan

Tailored coverage based your industry, geography, population, etc.

Improved Health

Expanded coverage and better insights into your employees' health will improve outcomes

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