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Medical Stop-Loss

Dramatically high cost claims from an employee’s illness, or a multiple employee accident, can occur at any time and volume whether your company is prepared or not. Do you have a plan of action for the unexpected?

Mid-sized companies are able to gain control over claims by setting up a medical stop loss program in their captive.

Bloom specializes in providing a platform for group medical stop-loss programs that aims to deliver a pathway for the client that not only brings clarity to the reinsurance process but also increases the client’s control over their spending. Bloom’s unique model allows clients to maximize their captive profit returns through its excess layer. Additionally, clients have seen significantly higher retainment of stop-loss premium through Bloom than with its leading competitors.

At Bloom, we strive to create a solution that works with your specific situation, and do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We work with medical stop loss groups that can come together and create a risk sharing solution that will alleviate the economic strain of high cost claims for our clients, before they occur.

Property & Casualty

Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies utilize at least one captive to insure their property & casualty (P&C) and benefits risks. Captive legislation and improved program design have allowed many smaller companies with as little as $250,000* in total annual insurance premiums to utilize a captive solution as well.

The most common P&C coverages a company can insure in a captive include:

  • Workers' Compensation

  • General Liability

  • Professional Liability

  • Auto Liability

  • Other traditional and non-traditional risks

Insuring the various P&C risks of a company can often lead to a 10% to 40% savings off of their commercial premium spend. This level of savings for a small company often involves a group captive solution or a cell captive program with an adequate reinsurance program. The savings that can come from captive operating costs are generally much lower than in the commercial market.

Bloom’s cell structure can be to be utilized for a captive solution that best suits your company. Please click here to use our online calculator for an illustrative example of your potential savings through Bloom.

*(subject to consultation)


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Medicl Stop-Loss
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