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Medical stop-loss is essential in limiting risk in a self-insured health plan. With healthcare reform and increasing costs, many employers have been leveraging funding alternatives like self-insurance, which has also grown the demand for stop-loss coverage.


Increased Administrative Control

  • Likely to avoid lasers (excluding or using a higher deductible for certain individuals)

  • Designs coverage and provisions of benefits

  • Improved data management and loss cost management

Improved Risk Management

  • Manage exposure to catastrophic loss

  • Quantify financial benefits of wellness initiatives and specific loss prevention programs

Cost Savings

  • Elimination of carrier profit and premium taxes

  • Improved cash flow as the employer holds on to the claim

  • Lower cost reinsurance


  • Every company has its own set of unique risks based on industry, geography, demographics, etc.

  • Our programs allow you to tailor your coverage to your specific needs

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